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Full-Service Translation Company

Translation services: offered in over 150 languages

Professional Translations: The importance of trained translators working on your project cannot be emphasized enough. The process of translation is much more technical than one tends to think – it involves not only conveying a message across languages, but choosing exactly the right words, idioms, written and technical formats, colors and references that will make the most sense, and appeal the most to your target audience. Many companies require professional translations such as, Employee handbooks, Policies, Benefits, Health Care Statements and more- these type of translations are charged on per word rate.

Certified Translations: A certified translation is one which fulfills the requirements in the country in question, enabling it to be used in formal procedures, with the translator accepting responsibility for its accuracy. These requirements vary widely from country to country; certified translations are accompanied by a notarized certificate of accuracy signed by a professional translator with our company SEAL. Certified translations are charged per page flat rate

Document Translation areas: Legal -Health – Academic– Business-Medical-Science-Education-Brochures- Flyers- Scripts- Records- Manuals, Books and more 

Website Localization

Fully managed solutions for bringing your website to another culture, from multilingual Wordpress sites to complex architectures.

Transcription Services: Transcription services from recorded audio.

Interpreter Services

Interpreters available in many languages. Special pricing for USCIS interviews. 

Foreign Academic Evaluations for accredited institutions we translate all academic records, contact us. For the full evaluations we recommend Josef Silny & Associates Inc. International Education Consultants.

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Types of documents translated:

  • Translate- Employee Handbooks

  • Translate- Student Handbooks

  • Translate- Websites

  • Translate- Divorce certificates

  • Translate- Marketing Material

  • Translate- Flyers

  • Translate- Bank statements (totals converted to USD)

  • Translate- Bank statements

  • Translate- Government documents

  • Translate- Reference Letters

  • Translate-Business Letters

  • Translate-Affidavits of support

  • Translate-Health Care Translations

  • Translate-Report cards

  • Translate- Transcripts

  • Translate- Diplomas

  • Translate- Certified Letters

  • Translate- Company policies

  • Translate- Articles of incorporation

  • Translate- Business licenses

  • Translate- Contracts

  • Translate- Real estate registration

  • Translate- Income tax returns

  • Translate- Pension documents

  • Translate- Payment slips

  • Translate- Foreign exchange documents

  • Translate- Money remittance documents

  • Translate- Military records

  • Translate- Professional reference

  • Translate- Articles (as evidence for Immigration cases - special talent, refugee petitions)

  • Translate- Petitions

  • Translate- Police reports

  • Translate- Medical bills

  • Translate- Medical reports

  • Translate- Hospital records

  • Translate- Health Care Benefits 

  • Translate- Adoption decrees

  • Translate- Good conduct certificates

  • Translate- Legal documents

  • And much more..

ITU Translation Process- translation ser


What we do requires a high level of confidentiality. We translate documents of all sorts and many documents contain highly confidential information. For this reason all our translators have on file confidentiality agreements. If this is ever a concern for you, please know we are accountable for our work and you are protected by law. In addition, you may request a certificate of insurance and/or signed NDA's. 

Shipping available if needed with  FedEx      

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Our prices are structured to be affordable and fair; we translate for businesses at discounted rates If you are a school or Non-Profit let us know. We value B2B and look forward to servicing your business.
We charge by page or by word depending on the content. We offer discounts for large projects.
All projects are completed at the request of the customers deadline. We have regular service and RUSH service available.